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Bat Guide

1. Choosing a length-shorten up: Many professional 6 foot plus players only use 33 inch bats. Choose the 32” length for heights up to 5’6”. The 33” length is ideal for 5’6” to 6’, or select the 34” for taller than 6’. For those of you with a powerful upper body, you may consider going up and inch in length.

2. Selecting a weight: As a general rule, bats should be about 2 ounces below their length. For example, a high quality 34 inch bat should weight about 32 ounces. Remember though, heavier bats are more durable because of their density.

3. Picking a shape: Fast taper bats (271, 110, 72) tend to be better bats for the beginner, and usually last longer than slow taper bats. Try to stay away from the aluminum look a likes that have a big barrel slow taper.

4. Inspect the finish: The finish helps to make a more durable bat over the long term by keeping out moisture and hardening the surface.